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Fall 2022 Accessories Update

It’s that time of year again and we’re FALLing for these accessories! For those looking to switch things up, here is a list of our favorite functional accessories to bring new life to your workspace and redesign without breaking the bank or making any major changes.


offering a controlled environment within an open-floor plan, Available in 4 configurations HushHybrid, HushMeet, HushPhone, and HushAccess.L


Available dual posture supports both sitting and the perching posture—between sit-to-stand—making Zody LX the only chairs in North America specifically designed for use with height-adjustable tables.


The Zody II ergonomic desk chair delivers unmatched comfort for more people in more postures. Designed to be the only chair you need for a height-adjustable desk, Zody II offers a dual posture feature to support sitting and the in-between “perch” of sit-to-stand.

Importance of Acoustic Interior Design

Our take on the importance of Acoustic Design, including tips and products for you to achieve an acoustically optimized workspace.

How to Design a K-12 Classroom to Support Student Mental Health

Students can spend up to seven hours a day in a K-12 classroom, so it’s no wonder that the classroom’s design and ambiance can have a major impact on students’ mental health and morale.