Office furniture dealer talks trends in supply and demand, technology and more

Pacific Business News – March 8, 2024

Bob Egbert, vice president of The Systemcenter Inc., said the office furniture business “has sustained momentum” over the years, in part because of a consistent demand for commercial furniture systems.  While the company reports a “flourishing performance in all sectors,” new business in government and higher education have shown the highest demand for service lately. Egbert told Pacific Business News more about the company’s investments in technology – and which brands are most desired in Hawaii’s workplaces.


How is business and what demands are you seeing for your office furniture right now?

Year-over-year business has sustained momentum and continues along a positive trajectory.  Post-COVID uncertainty surrounding the return to work has diminished or stabilized in many markets. Market segments such as corporate, education, healthcare, and government have increasing confidence with making capital investments in new workplace designs and furniture.

In What Sector(s) are you thriving the most in and why?

We are very grateful for the flourishing performance in all sectors of our business, acknowledging that much of our success stems from the dedicated commitment and passion of our team. Notably, the government segment has stood out, experiencing remarkable growth driven by geopolitical dynamics and federal government priorities. This surge is particularly pronounced as investment in infrastructure continues throughout the Pacific basin.

In the commercial business sector, the education market, especially Higher Education, has shown the highest demand. This is attributed to the availability of state funding and contracts for numerous large improvement projects.

What New Technology has Made the Biggest Impact on Your Company?

The continued success of Systemcenter relies significantly on technology. Our partnerships with Marketplace Software and e-manageONE, a business operating system tailored to our industry, are of great importance to us. Collaborating with e-manageONE, we have jointly developed a suite of applications designed to improve customer service and operational efficiency for our valued customers. The mobile application component of the software has profoundly and positively impacted various aspects of our business. It has enhanced customer communication, enabled dynamic (real-time) project management, improved service response times, and fostered seamless collaboration among remote teams working on project bases.

What are the most popular types/brands of office furniture you’re selling currently?

We are observing a consistent demand for commercial furniture systems such as Haworth, KI, and Spacesaver. Both employers and employees are well-informed and discerning, thanks to continuous research by manufacturers on modern workplace dynamics that acknowledge the crucial role of the workplace environment in influencing the health and success of organizations. Key considerations include workplace performance, culture, well-being, flexibility, recruitment and retention, and space economics


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