HAWORTH – Collaborate Accessories

Designed by Haworth

Introducing Collaborate from Haworth; a versatile collection designed to enhance the different ways people work in various spaces. These adaptable tools are perfect for businesses looking to create inviting environments that can flex with their ever-changing needs. Whether you are looking to refresh an existing aesthetic or layer onto your current floorplan, Collaborate makes it easy to futureproof your space with components that can be easily changed at any time.

The Collaborate work tools are the perfect solution for businesses seeking to create dynamic and functional spaces that promote creativity and productivity. These accessories are great for both individuals and groups, empowering people to work the way they want. Included in this line are the Freestanding Screens, Board Cart, and Team Cart; all designed to assist users with privacy and mobility. Each product is customizable with a wide selection of colors and materials. Elevate your workspace with this carefully curated selection of accessories that seamlessly integrate with a range of space types and sizes, ensuring that every corner of your office is designed for success and efficiency.

Explore Collaborate Accessories

For visual and acoustic privacy
For mobile collaboration
For mobile storage