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Why You Need Modular Walls for Your Workspace

In this blog post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Modular Walls. From the best architectural solutions on the market, to the needed benefits.
We’ll help you decide if Modular Walls are right for you.

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Why You Need Modular Walls for Your Workspace

In this blog post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Modular Walls. From the best architectural solutions on the market, to the needed benefits. We’ll help you decide if Modular Walls are right for you.

How to Bring Holiday Cheer Into the Workplace

a holiday guide to spreading cheer both in-house and remotely.

HAWORTH – How to Make Your Office More Than Just an Office

Workplace upgrades lead to a high return on investment—benefiting employees and customers

HAWORTH – 7 Design Elements Higher Education Students Love

A glimpse at how to use space to attract and inspire university students.

KI – Can Employers Recreate the Flexibility of Remote Work?

Flexible workspaces will support the choice-based work environment as it becomes more prevalent and even essential to retaining and recruiting talented team members.

Haworth – Create Safe and Comfortable Spaces for All

When it comes to healthcare spaces, choice drives equity

Haworth – The Growing Relevance of Third Places

A multi-purpose work environment offers flexibility

KI – The Top 3 Things Gen Z Wants at the Office

How are you welcoming the next generation?

SYSTEMCENTER – Lockers In Demand

The need for personal storage lockers is surging in our post-Covid world.

Haworth – How to Inspire Your Employees as They Return to the Office

8 tips for a successful workplace redesign project

Haworth – Providing Equitable Collaborative Team Experiences

Adapting high-performing teams to a work from anywhere environment

Haworth – 6 Key Insights to Work from Anywhere

Who wouldn’t want control over their space, performance, and well-being without even having to think about it?

Haworth – The Rebirth of the Headquarters

Office evolution for the future!

KI – How Healthcare Design Impacts Our Mental Health

How can we design spaces that meet the mental and emotional health needs of patients, loved ones and providers alike?

Haworth – 6 Lessons We Can Learn from Coworking Spaces

Insights provide design guidance for corporate workspaces

Haworth – Space for the People, by the People

Using sensor data to inform workspace design.

Haworth – 5 Home Office Design Trends

Spaces that provide comfort, renewal, and hope!

K.I. – Ruckus Worktables: Supporting STEM, Makerspaces and More

The Ruckus worktable is the perfect fit for hands-on classrooms, from science and engineering labs to makerspaces and more.

Haworth – 3 Coping Mechanisms You Can Use in Stressful Times

The connection between mental clarity and success.

K.I. – How to Care for KI Furniture Solutions

A highly anticipated cleaning guide for surfaces.

Haworth – Work Fluidly: Work from Anywhere

It’s not home or office—it’s an integrated ecosystem

K.I. – The Impact of the Built Environment

Interior designers are collectors of stories and experiences, and it’s up to them to translate those experiences into the built environment.

K.I. – Can We Predict Education Trends in 2021?

The pandemic has also equipped us with insights and experiences about education that will allow us to start designing a better future for our students.

Haworth – Embracing Resilience in Trying Times

A glimpse of Filipino culture and a formula for success.

New Year, New Air

Having fresh, clean air has a real impact on our wellbeing.

Haworth – Returning to the Workplace: A Londoner’s Story of Adaptation

Can working through a pandemic have a silver lining for the future?

HAWORTH – Gen Z Hits the Workforce Amidst a Pandemic

The group most equipped to work from anywhere has challenges too.

HAWORTH – New Sustainable Surface Material Offering

Oceanic fabric is in direct response to the world's plastic waste problem and how our industry can help offset it.

K.I. – Five Ways Workplace Design Can Support Mental Health

Mental health is at the forefront of all of our minds right now as we navigate through the pandemic and adjust to working remotely. See how KI suggests we regain some positivity in the workspace.

Haworth – Part 3 of How Equitable Businesses Succeed

Empowered Leadership and People Improve ROI

Haworth – Part 1 of How Equitable Businesses Succeed

Honoring diverse opinions, ideas, and individuals.

Haworth – Why Our Brains Fail Us during a Crisis

Insite from a neuroscientist on the brain during the pandemic.

HAWORTH – Envisioning the Office of the Future

Haworth gives their take on the office of the future saying, well-being, culture, and collaboration are still priorities.

HAWORTH – 4 Inspiring New Home Office Design Themes

Create a space that speaks to your style, and workload.

HAWORTH – Strategies for Minimizing the Stress of Returning to Work(place)

It’s fair to say that people have mixed emotions about returning to the workplace. Many worry about what health and safety measures are in place to protect against the coronavirus. Here are three ways to help employees adjust to new norms.

K.I. – Solutions for Dividing Space

K.I. releases brochure with ideas and options for returning to the workplace.

Haworth – 7 Basics for a Healthier, High-Performing Home Office

Here's how to create a home office that supports you and the work you do for a healthier, more comfortable work experience.

Spacesaver – Your Partner in Preparedness

See how you can create a cleaner workplace and keep emergency essentials on hand.

K.I. – Movable Walls Can Transform Your Office Post-Pandemic

It’s not yet clear just what our workplaces will look like in the months and years to come, but a clean and safe environment will play a major role in the foreseeable future.

K.I. – After Coronavirus, Flexible Shared Spaces Are Paramount

K.I. shares how we can still collaborate safely in the workplace.

HAWORTH – How to Bring People Back to the Workplace

Haworth introduces 4 questions to help you reopen in a COVID-19 world.

NEWS – Return to Work(place)

As the world prepares to return to the workplace, businesses must prepare for the new normal. The Systemcenter is the leading expert and your trusted advisor in helping businesses prepare.

NEWS – The Systemcenter Welcomes New Vice President

Robert Egbert joins Hawaii’s Best in Class Furniture and Business Solution Dealer as VP.

K.I. – Practice Active Design While Working From Home

The principles of active design no longer apply solely at the office. With a little ingenuity, we can put them to work at home, too.

Haworth – Adapting to New Coworkers at Home

Everyone is grappling with the new way of life imposed by stay-at-home orders and social distancing. Here are some tips from Haworth on working from home.


Please read the following regarding the Systemcenter's capabilities and status during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Haworth – Biophilic Design

See how you can connect nature with the built environment.

Haworth – 5 Tips for Working Effectively from Home

How to stay positive and productive while working remotely.

Haworth – Adding Remote Work Options

Embrace flexibility to support your business and your people...

Haworth Headquarters Welcomes Systemcenter

Systemcenter visits Haworth headquarters in frosty upper Midwest.

Haworth – 7 Workplace Design Trends

Why design trends matter and how materials help you bring them to life.

Haworth – Good Light, Happy People

"The right lighting strategies, along with thoughtful design, can positively impact the intersection of people's needs—physical, cognitive, emotional—directly affecting their ability to do work, and indirectly affecting business goals."

Haworth – The Handmade Beauty of GAN Rugs

Can rugs also bring economic development, empowerment, and stability to a region of the world? In the case of Bandas Space, a collection of handmade rugs by Patricia Urquiola, the answer is yes.

Haworth’s Guide to Ergonomic Design

Applying ergonomic principles to each workstation layout will ensure users are physically supported for health and wellness while working.

Haworth Insite – Space Design for a Digital World

As technology continually changes how we work, organizations are challenged with keeping employees engaged in an increasingly digital world.

Systemcenter – Pallas Textiles Representative

Systemcenter announces being the Pallas Textiles representative for the Hawaiian Islands.

Systemcenter – Holiday Happenings

Systemcenter features a few meetings hosted during the holiday season.

NEWS – Systemcenter Holiday Closure

In observance of the upcoming holidays, the Systemcenter will be closed on Tuesday, 12/24/19 and Wednesday, 12/25/19. We will be open again during our regular business hours on Thursday, 12/26/19. The Systemcenter will also be closed on Tuesday, 12/31/19 and Wednesday, 01/01/2020 to welcome the new year, and will return to normal business hours on the Thursday 01/02/2020.

NEWS – Systemcenter Thanksgiving Closure

The Systemcenter will be closed on Thursday and Friday, November 28th and 29th observing the Thanksgiving holiday.

NEWS – Cabana Lounge & Pip Collaborative Table

Haworth's new Cabana Lounge and Pip Collaborative Tables now available.

NEWS – Introducing Sheri Hixon

Introducing the Systemcenter's new A+D Specialist; Sheri Hixon.

NEWS – Standing is the New Sitting

Don't sit too long!... But don't stand too long!... MOVE! Click to read more.

NEWS – Systemcenter Holiday Hours

We'll be closed on Monday and Tuesday for the next two weeks for the holidays. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season spending time with friends and family. Happy Holidays!

NEWS – Haworth Cultivate Tables Now Available To Order

Haworth Cultivate tables are now available to order!

NEWS – Systemcenter Closed for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. The Systemcenter will be closed on Thursday and Friday. We will be open again during our normal business hours on Monday, November 26.

NEWS – Systemcenter Happy Hour Review

Click to see some photos from our recent Happy Hour event. Hope to see you all at the next event.

NEWS – HAWORTH NeoCon 2018 Sneak Peak

Click to get a sneak peak from Haworth and the upcoming NeoCon 2018 show.

NEWS – HAWORTH Compose Connections Design Guide Now Available

Haworth Compose Connections Design Guide now available!


Take a 30 second quiz to discover your company's culture type and learn more about how you can align workspaces with your culture to motivate people, encourage collaboration, and spark innovation.

NEWS – SYSTEMCENTER 40th Anniversary Party Recap

The Systemcenter celebrated 40 years at Harbor Restaurant at Pier 38 on June 1. Click to see the pics from the event and for a recap of the night.

NEWS – Anastasia Joseph – LEED Green Associate

Congratulations to Systemcenter Designer - Anastasia Joseph - on LEED Green accreditation.


Special limited time offer on the Haworth Fern and Poppy chairs for the A+D community here in Hawaii. Click for details.

NEWS – SYSTEMCENTER Wins Best Family Run Business Award

The Systemcenter was awarded the "Best Family Run Business" Award at the 2016 Business Achievement Awards Gala put on by Pacific Edge Magazine.

NEWS – Haworth FERN Samples Arrive in Hawaii

The SYSTEMCENTER has received samples of Haworth's revolutionary new FERN chair. Read more to see how you can try one.

NEWS – Stephan Edwards Featured Interview

Check out Stephan Edwards' (President, RME) featured interview on Hawaii National Bank's Entrepreneur site.

NEWS – We’re Hiring Furniture Installers

The SYSTEMCENTER is hiring furniture installation team members.

NEWS – SYSTEMCENTER Celebrates 40th Anniversary

The Systemcenter is celebrating its 40th anniversary as one of Hawaii and the Pacific Rim's leading contract furniture dealerships. The family owned and operated business was founded in 1976 by Bill and Joyce Edwards and is headquartered in Honolulu, HI.

NEWS – Virgin America Lands Inaugural Flight in Hawaii

Virgin America lands inaugural flight in Hawaii with Sir Richard Branson. The Systemcenter was chosen as the vendor to provide furniture for Virgin's offices here in the islands.

NEWS – Happy 10th Birthday, Zody!

Ten years ago, a pioneer. Today, a champion for wellness at work. Known around the world, Zody debuted as a trendsetter with a design informed by extensive ergonomic research.

NEWS – Systemcenter Brings Luxury Brands Poltrona Frau,Cappellini & Cassina to Hawaii

In 2014 Haworth announced the acquisition of the Poltrona Frau Group. With the acquisition, earlier this year the Systemcenter has become the Hawaii dealer for Poltrona Frau, Cappellini & Cassina items which are part of the Haworth Collection.

NEWS – Martini Madness III

Martini Madness III was the best yet... Featured product from Haworth and KI, pupus catered by Kahai Street Kitchen. A great night for everyone who attended.

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