• Organic Workspace®

    The new platform for business transformation.

Designing adaptable spaces

The traditional process for creating and maintaining the workplace is broken in the face of today’s competitive and unpredictable world. The linear “design once” process creates spaces that are quickly outdated.

To meet this new globalized reality, we challenged ourselves to come up with a way to “future proof” your environments – ensuring today’s investment is adaptable and relevant for your tomorrow.

This is the Organic Workspace®.

Why does Organic Workspace® matter for your business?

Organizations that embrace “people centric” Organic Workspace® are functionally flexible (departments, work groups) and spaces changing in response to business needs.

An organic approach can reduce the cost of re-aligning the space with the workspace to support evolving business objectives.

Creating intuitive spaces


Adaptability can be supported in a variety of ways, ranging from broad elements like real estate and workplace strategy, and work policy, to building systems, architectural components, and furnishings.


A space can evolve as needed when the right resources are available to change the interior components, programs are in place to store furnishings for reuse, and it’s surrounded bya  culture that involves employees and encourages new ideas in the change process.


An organic space sustains high performance when regular feedback is collected on space use, work patterns, and workforce measures such as engagement, wellness, and efficiency, keeping the design aligned with business goals.

“Organic Workspace allows continual tuning to ensure that the workforce can achieve desired outcomes. For instance, assuring proper configuration and features can increase work group effectiveness by up to 12 percent and quality of work group processes by up to 31 percent.”

~ Dr. Michael O’Neill

Active ergonomics

Active Ergonomics is a new approach in which good ergonomic principles are applied to all elements of group and individual workspaces, furnishings, and technology.

The Haworth research team

Research is about action and change. Haworth research investigates links between workspace design and human behavior, health and performance, and the quality of the user experience. We share and apply what we learn to inform product development and help our customers shape their work environments.