HAWORTH is one of the largest office furniture manufacturers in the world today.  The Systemcenter is the Authorized Dealer for Haworth in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim.  Haworth and the Systemcenter are both family owned businesses.  Haworth is the only major office furniture manufacturer in the world that is still privately held today.  This allows for much more flexibility and creativity when coming up with solutions for our customers.  Haworth has also made a massive commitment to sustainability and has several initiatives in place while continuing to place ever higher demands on the company to make even further progress.  Haworth’s product is designed to integrate (integrated palette) ensuring flexibility and adaptability as a client’s needs and spaces change over the years.
HAWORTH  ANCILLARY COLLECTION is Haworth’s high end Italian Furniture division.  The Haworth Collection is an exploration of inspiring design and refined craftsmanship.  The collection spans the globe seeking the ideal confluence of form, function, and creative spark – that intangible, instantly recognizable quality that elevates a design to unforgettable status.  Bridging generations, Haworth celebrates work by renowned designers like Le Corbusier, Cappellini, Pollock and Morrison, while seeking out the next generation of visionaries.  The careful curated, always evolving selection of furniture and lighting represents some of their great work.  The products in the Haworth Collection are crafted by hand and originate in studios steeped in rich tradition.  The artisans’ skills are handed down by generations of leather, metal, and woodworkers, and each piece is carefully created to ensure the highest quality product.
KI (Krueger International) is the largest institutional furniture manufacturer in the world today and the Systemcenter is the Authorized Dealer for KI in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim.  The Systemcenter has been working with KI for over a decade to install the highest quality institutional furniture in the Education and Healthcare markets, as well as a number of common area applications for the Commercial and Hospitality markets.  Working with KI and the Systemcenter puts a wealth of experience and innovation at your fingertips to help you select the furniture that fits your application.  Desks and chairs that promote student learning.  Patient chairs and lounge seating that serve patients, family, and staff alike.  Architectural walls, casegoods, and panel and desking systems for the way business and government function.
SPACESAVER is the premier manufacturer of high density mobile storage in the world today.  The Systemcenter is the Authorized Dealer for Spacesaver in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim.  From records management and storage to the high density storage of military weapons, there is very little that can’t be stored on a Spacesaver.  Contact a market specialist at the Systemcenter to learn how you can double your storage space while also reducing the overall surface area needed. 

PALLAS Textiles fuses the art of weaving with today’s modern techniques and fibers into sophisticated, stylish and timeless upholsteries, panel fabrics and privacy curtains that continually evolve in color, pattern and texture. 
JANUS et Cie. An industry leader for more than 35 years, JANUS et Cie serves residential, contract, and hospitality clients with a dedicated focus on innovation, craftsmanship and service. Since the company’s inception, CEO Janice Feldman has collaborated with celebrated industry leaders and pioneered the use of environmentally conscious materials. JANUS et Cie is a North American heritage brand with 17 showrooms in the United States, Mexico and Singapore as well as local sales offices throughout these regions. An ever-expanding global presence now includes international offices across North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Australia and Asia.The definitive source for enduring site, garden and casual furnishings.®

The Systemcenter became the preferred dealer for JANUS et Cie in Hawaii in 2017.

HÄNEL Office and Industrial Storage Systems.  Hänel is one of the world’s leading providers in the industry for innovative solutions in automated records and materials handling.  The Hänel name has become synonymous with the highest quality option for vertical storage.  Hänel continues to be committed to the development of efficient, ergonomic and space-saving storage solutions for intralogistics and office organization needs.
INTERFACE is a global manufacturer of commercial flooring with an integrated collection of carpet tiles and resilient flooring, including luxury vinyl tile and Nora brand rubber flooring. Interface’s mission, titled: Climate Take Back, aims to reverse global warming, one tile at a time. Today, 90% of Interface’s energy comes from renewables.
POLTRONA FRAU GROUP is a collection of some of the finest Italian furniture brands in the world today; including Poltrona Frau, Pelle Frau, Cappelini, and Cassina.  Their mission is the pursuit of excellence and product quality through continuous research and innovation in all phases of the production process, consistently designing products that exude Italian tradition and style.  All items in the Poltrona Frau Group collections stand out for their exceptional quality, a process that begins with the painstaking and detailed choice of raw materials.  All phases of the production process are subject to rigorous quality controls.  From the design phase to experimentation with innovative materials, from aesthetic research to the production of every single item and final testing.  Their quality is the result of their savoir-faire and the artisanal and industrial expertise they have acquired in almost 100 years of history and experience, unchanged in terms of spirit, but always ready to accept the challenges of modern life. 
e-manage|ONE is a Business Management Software System that manages all aspects of your company. Streamlining processes and making business easier for your customers, vendors, and your employees. e-manage|ONE starts from the beginning of business with tools for Business Development, Opportunity Management, Project Management, Human Resources, Service & Extended Warranty and Administration.

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