• Culture

    Culture is the catalyst for engagement, collaboration, and innovation.

Spaces & culture

Culture is how an organization expresses itself. One workspace provides a foundation for culture, but an organizational culture that motivates employees can yield high returns. Beyond engaging employees for the sake of revenue, a healthy culture fosters collaboration and innovation.

Why does culture matter for your business?

70% of all employees are disengaged from their work.

Recognizing space as a way to re-engage your workforce begins by first defining organizational culture.

How can we positively change culture?

Define existing organizational culture and compare that to the desired culture, then design workspaces expressly supporting the elements needed for change – linking the organization’s culture to the workspace.

Understanding culture models

Haworth uses The Competing Values Framework™, a model developed from the major indicators of effective organizations, to help you understand and identify your existing culture to harness the differences for success.

“We strive to help customers reach their workspace goals – from improving work effectiveness and innovation to brand expression.”

~ Matthew R. Haworth, Chairman

How has Haworth implemented change in culture?


In 2013, Haworth reconfigured an area within headquarters (One Haworth Center) to demonstrate the ever-evolving nature of work, create a vision for our customers, and support employee needs.


An inside look into how Haworth worked with MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) to create a new workspace that promotes their culture, values, and increased collaboration.

The Haworth research team

Research is about action and change. Haworth research investigates links between workspace design and human behavior, health and performance, and the quality of the user experience. We share and apply what we learn to inform product development and help our customers shape their work environments.