Haworth: 6 Emerging Surface Material Trends in 2024

Elevating design aesthetics with surface materials

Keeping up with surface material trends is not just about following the latest fads; it’s about ensuring that your spaces remain visually captivating, functionally efficient, and aligned with the values and expectations of the users. It’s a proactive approach to design that considers both the present and future needs of the environment and its occupants. Check out the link in our bio for the latest insights on emerging surface material trends for 2024 in this must-read article from Haworth!

Achieving a stylish look while maintaining a unique and nostalgic space is the goal of the Hipstronic trend. Borrowing from mid-century designs and combining it with soft, modern shapes, these elements along with the colors of fall add warmth and comfort to the look. Expressive marble with deep veining in various colors adds character and depth, while light and dark variations of stone and rock bring a natural touch to the area. These elements can be used as bold wall accents to draw attention to specific features.

Create a soothing look with Coastal Ambience. This trend utilizes elements associated with the ocean, using warm whites and natural light wood tones with a color palette inspired from the elements of a relaxing beach; including the sand, sun, and shells. Furnitures can also be accented with textured materials such as reeded surfaces, caning, rattan, and twisted rope.

Artisan Wanderer borrows from diverse cultures around the world, combining a variety of elements. Its craftmanship is globally inspired and the palette includes warm golds for a vibrant and comforting look. Other elements of this trend include tapestries, geometrical patterns, and animal prints. Texture is added with handcrafted wovens and natural materials. This design trend also promotes sustainability, utilizing upcycled materials such as bricks and imperfect tiles from salvaged elements, which also provides a unique look. Handcrafted and locally sourced materials are also used.

A trend with sustainability a part of its core, Natural Immersion draws inspiration from the outdoors, bringing in the calm feeling of nature through biophilic design. Its color palette comprises of various greens along with natural hues. Orange-brown colors may also be used. Furnishings inspired from nature offers a nice, relaxing environment, especially to those in the city. Sustainable and eco-friendly materials are also used to not only create a natural indoor space, but to care for the earth, helping to preserve the environment.

A contemporary aesthetic, Neo-Deco is inspired by designs of the 1920s Art Deco era mixed with modern elements. Its main feature are curved designs, with arches being featured frequently. This element can be found in furniture, patterns, and other components of a space. Bright finishes such as chrome are commonly used, and furnishings with high-gloss and high-sheen can also be found. Bright, happy, and soft colors such as peach are a big part of its palette, along with vibrant blues.

Sensorial Wellness is an inclusive trend, using calming shades of blues, greens, and beiges with some grays to create a relaxing atmosphere. Light wooden tones and stone elements are used to complement the palette to add softness and coziness. Engaging textures like fluting, etched glass, or iridescence can be incorporated to enhance this trend. Sound-absorbing elements like upholstered sculptural lighting not only add visual texture but also provide sensory relief from surrounding noise. By incorporating natural elements and materials, this trend encourages creativity and clarity of thought.