Project # 25280 – Non-Stop Travel Office Expansion

Systemcenter Project # 25280

Embarking on an office expansion journey, our client initially approached us with a visionary project before the onset of the pandemic. The global uncertainties, particularly impacting the travel industry, led to a temporary halt in their expansion plans. However, as the world gradually recovered from the pandemic, the travel agency experienced a remarkable surge in demand. Eager to accommodate this growth, the need for additional space became paramount.

Securing an adjacent commercial space to facilitate their expansion, the project regained momentum. Through collaborative efforts, including numerous revisions and budgetary adjustments, we seamlessly integrated existing furniture with new additions, ensuring a harmonious balance that aligned with their financial goals. Our strategic consultation extended to planning for future growth, offering a versatile layout and scalable options as the company continues to flourish.

The project presented a unique challenge—creating an office space that not only fostered employee productivity but also featured a customer-facing storefront. Balancing the dual requirements of a welcoming customer experience and an efficient workspace demanded creativity. We navigated the intricate dance between first impressions, functional workspaces, and privacy considerations, ensuring a seamless blend that resonated with both customers and employees.

Addressing acoustic concerns in the original space, we implemented innovative solutions, incorporating soft surfaces and acoustical elements to mitigate sound issues effectively. Simultaneously, we recognized the importance of designing a color scheme that resonated with the staff. By incorporating biophilic elements, we brought the outdoors inside, enhancing employee well-being and overall happiness. This thoughtful design not only aimed at staff retention but also subtly encouraged customers to explore and embark on new adventures.

Operating in a space that doubled as a storefront with daily open hours posed logistical challenges. To minimize disruption, we creatively worked overnight and on weekends, ensuring continuous operation while seamlessly executing the transformation.

In the end, our collaboration not only brought our client’s vision to life but also showcased our ability to adapt, create, and innovate in the dynamic landscape of office design and furniture solutions.

“From my first visit to their showroom to working with Anete on the design to the actual installation, it is readily apparent that everyone on their TEAM is proud to do their part in ensuring my team’s satisfaction.

Anete was given the mandate, create an environment that you’d be happy to work in every day.

SYSTEMCENTER has delivered a solution beyond my wildest dreams! Nice work!”

Gene Y Miyake
Managing Director
Non-Stop Travel

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