Haworth – Jive Tables

DESIGNED BY Haworth & Daniel Grabowski and David Gresham 

Whether it’s a quick collaboration or a formal meeting, Jive tables support today’s needs. Jive fosters a healthy workplace through a wide range of shapes, sizes, and bases—offering comfort for a variety of postures.


Jive Tables

As needs change, Jive tables make it easy to reconfigure, optimizing floorplate topography for effective spaces. Choose from 12 top shapes in various sizes and nine base styles with a wide range of heights—including a height-adjustable disc base.


-12 top shapes in high-pressure laminate or veneer
-5 fixed heights, including a height adjustable base
-10 base styles with die-cast aluminum feet in painted or polished finish
-Accommodates up to 16 users
-Swivel’s MagneLine magnet mechanism for easy reconfiguration
-Part of Integrated Palette (Swivel in 10 colors)
-Edgeband or knife edge
-Flip-top on rectangular training worksurfaces
-Wire/power management
-Glides or casters

Awards and Certifications


Healthier Hospitals Initiative