SPACESAVER – X-Tend: Off-Site Archival Storage Shelving

More space can mean happier, safer, more productive employees. It creates protection for the items that are important to your business or organization. It adds—not subtracts—from your bottom line.

Libraries, off-site book depositories, and archival record centers all face the same paradox: trying to squeeze an increasing amount of irreplaceable book collections and records into a decreasing amount of storage space.

And with the addition of new spaces such as cafes, lecture halls, study room and collaboration spaces in existing library facilities, many of the larger collections are being condensed or moved off-site. Designed specifically for stable off-site storage for storing book trays and archival-boxed records, Spacesaver X-Tend High Bay Shelving systems provide optimal space efficiency, protection and accessibility.

Moving books, bound journals, archive boxes, and even evidence to an off-site storage facility can free up space in your existing building. Important materials will then be protected and preserved long-term in a well organized and space maximized storage center equipped with Xtend.

Learn more about conventional XTend® High-Bay Shelving or XTend® Mobile High-Bay Shelving systems to understand which solution makes the most sense for you.

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