SPACESAVER – Wheelhouse Low-Profile Moving Shelving Systems


In an ideal world, you own the perfect space. A large warehouse, with room for all of your goods, materials, and inventory. But in reality, we know that can’t always happen. Maybe you’re waiting on funding for a renovation or addition to your building, or you’re planning to move into a new building altogether. However, that won’t happen for a few years—and you need space now. Or, perhaps you’re leasing property, and you need a cost-effective storage solution that won’t disturb a site you don’t own.

We’ve heard all of the scenarios, and we can help. Easy to reconfigure, expand, and relocate, Spacesaver’s Wheelhouse® low-profile moving shelving systems combine strength and adaptability in a low-profile, low-cost modular system that makes the most of every inch of space. Paired with an XpressDEK™ rail system, a modular floor system that provides the same level of strength and flexibility of a traditional anchored rail system with a low-install impact in cost and site disturbance, these moving shelving systems can fit your needs now and well after you’re settled into your new space.

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