HAWORTH – Compose Echo

The Compose Echo height-adjustable table gives people unparalleled control over their workspace. Easy movements accommodate impromptu changes in workstyle, orientation, and position, while providing support for both individual and collaborative activities throughout the day.

Cassina- Lady Chair

The Lady lounge chair offers a contemporary twist on iconic 1950’s Italian design. Lady compliments any workplace setting.

HAWORTH – Cord Rug

New GAN handcrafted Cord rug made using loom construction is functional for indoor and outdoor spaces

KI – Jubilee Lounge Seating

Jubilee lounge seating offers modern appeal with clean lines and superlative form.

KI – Gladly Lounge Chair

Gladly is an attractive, affordable addition to lounges, lobbies, libraries, living or common areas and more.

KI – Likha Casegoods

With an inviting mix of options and elegant materials, Likha creates visually compelling spaces that support open plan areas and private offices alike.

HAWORTH – Veda Conference Chair

Veda seating offers essential comfort with simple adjustments in a design that supports you as you sit.

SPACESAVER – Rapid Readiness Box

Store it how you ship it! No more building, repairing, and re-packing wooden crates. Use metal transport crates to save time and increase readiness.

HAWORTH – Pergola Workspaces

Pergola workspaces are built from an easy kit-of-parts with pre-established sizes and specifications.

HAWORTH – Lud’o Lounge Chair

The Lud’o Lounge Chair is a tribute to the renowned Italian architect Ludovico Magistretti.