HAWORTH – Veda Conference Chair

Veda seating offers essential comfort with simple adjustments in a design that supports you as you sit.

SPACESAVER – Rapid Readiness Box

Store it how you ship it! No more building, repairing, and re-packing wooden crates. Use metal transport crates to save time and increase readiness.

HAWORTH – Pergola Workspaces

Pergola workspaces are built from an easy kit-of-parts with pre-established sizes and specifications.

HAWORTH – Lud’o Lounge Chair

The Lud’o Lounge Chair is a tribute to the renowned Italian architect Ludovico Magistretti.

KI – Bobbr Undermount Desk Storage

This compact storage solution conveniently raises and lowers with height-adjustable surfaces to keep belongings within reach.

HAWORTH – Archibald Lounge Chair

The perfect blend of comfort and style defines the Archibald chair.

HAWORTH – Infinito Wall

New Infinito Wall from Cassina has quite the look for storage solutions.

Spacesaver – Nantucket Drawers and Trays

Take full advantage of your vertical space by pairing drawers and trays with other accessories.

HAWORTH – Mexique Tables

Cassina took it to the next level with these Mexique Tables and stools.

KI – Oath Task Chair

Classic and comfortable, the Oath task chair has everything you need.