NeoCon 2023 Recap

NeoCon 2023 we captured some of our favorite spaces from this year’s NeoCon Show just for you! From exploring the innovative showrooms of our incredible partners, Haworth and KI along with an array of other masterfully crafted spaces to immersing ourselves in the latest trends and  learning from industry leaders, our team truly got to experience all that NeoCon has to offer. NeoCon is where design dreams come to life and we are counting down the days until next year!

We got to link up with our friend and partner in many of our health care projects, Brent Stoller at NeoCon and he shared with us the latest in multi-functionality from Wieland.

When it comes to hospital rooms, having comfortable seating for visitors, especially those staying overnight, is a must. That’s why the Soul Sofa and Soul Mate are the ultimate duo for creating welcoming spaces.

The Soul Sofa is your ultimate blend of comfort and sustainability and its open base design allows beautiful daylight to flow through from full height windows. With an impressive 750 lb. weight capacity, Wieland Healthcare’s design team provides a solution that focuses on helping patients heal faster without sacrificing space. 

Pair the Soul Sofa with the Soul Mate and you’ve got a match made in heaven! This multi-purpose convertible cube effortlessly transitions between an ottoman, nightstand, or chair. Cleverly designed, up to three mates can be neatly stowed under longer sofas when not in use, optimizing space. The user-friendly, one-step lift motion allows easy conversion to a comfortable chair. Safety is paramount, as the self-locking feature is carefully designed to protect users and others in the room. Thoughtfully cushioned edges prevent damage to walls while maintaining a polished look. With a robust 400 lb. weight capacity, the Soul Mate is there to support you throughout your stay.


Explore Haworth’s showroom and all of their 75th anniversary design elements using the link below!


Take a 3D tour of KI’s NeoCon showroom with interactive links to their featured products using the link below!