KI – Ruckus Lockers


Features & Highlights

  • Available with glides or casters
  • 36″ or 54″ wide and 36″ or 42″ high
  • Open or with doors


  • Tops are high-pressure laminate over a high-density particleboard core with a 74P (1-1/4″ thick) PVC-free edge
  • 1″ thick panels feature double-wall steel construction – outer panel is 20-gauge and inner panel is 18-gauge – finished in powder coat paint
  • Bases are 18-gauge steel
  • Optional locks on any storage with doors
KI Ruckus Collection Brochure Cover

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The Ruckus collection fosters student engagement, enables a wide range of teaching styles and adapts to a variety of users and uses. Super-functional storage keeps learning tools handy and learning spaces neat.


KI Design Team

KI’s award-winning design team created the Ruckus Collection to foster student engagement, enable a wide range of teaching styles, and adapt to a variety of users and uses. Ruckus promotes movement and activity, which increases learning retention and comfort. It’s not just a furniture solution, it is a tool for changing the learning process. Users quickly and easily scale from focused to collaborative work. Innovative seating is non-directional and perch-able with integrated arms that also function as a work ledge. The collection includes seating (stack, 4-leg, stools, and task) as well as cantilever desks, and super-functional storage.