Haworth Insite – Adding Remote Work Options

In recent years, as part of a more comprehensive strategy of empowering employees to do their best work, more companies are seeing the benefits of offering flexibility in the different ways work is done, including the option to work remotely.

Similar to providing a workplace that offers a variety of settings in which to work, there are occasions when it makes sense for employees to have the choice to telecommute. In the last decade, the number of remote workers has grown dramatically. There are now about 26 million, or roughly 15% of the workforce, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Nimble organizations embrace this option, not only because they realize the efficacy of such an arrangement for certain modes of working, but also because they know the advantage of having a workforce already adept at remote work, if and when an emergency—such as a community health crisis—dictates that work be done offsite. And perhaps most importantly, in today’s “war for talent,” flexible work can be a powerful instrument for attraction and retention.

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