Haworth – 5 Tips for Working Effectively from Home

In the current climate of uncertainty, many of us are being asked to shift our workplace to our home. Despite this disruption to work norms, there are ways to make your time at home equally productive and positive. Informed by Haworth’s workplace research, here are some tips for thriving in this age of remote work.

1. Curate Your Workspace
Introducing elements of biophilia to your work area—natural light, clean air, plants, pets, natural materials—has been shown to reduce stress and increase productivity and focus.
2. Plan Out Your Day
When working from home, distractions can make it is easy to fall into a workday without structure. Having clearly defined goals for the day and blocking off the time required to focus on them is important.
3. Change Posture, Position, and/or Location

Throughout the workday we should be regularly moving for optimal health, well-being, and to improve cognition for problem solving. At home, it should be no different. Identify—and employ—ways to keep moving through changes in posture, position, and location.

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