SPACESAVER – Pistol Racks

Spacesaver Pistol Racks are a 2-Piece design that mount directly to Spacesaver 4-Post or Case-Type shelves.

The barrel and butt rests of our pistol racks are vinyl-coated to protect handguns. The complete 2-piece unit is 6″ deep. The recommended minimum shelf depth, depending on the type of handgun being stored is 10″. 15″ deep shelves are recommended to accommodate extra long barrel lengths.

When storing one-type of weapon, such as 9mm, place racks on 10″ deep shelves and incorporate into a storage system along with the long gun weapon racks.

Pistol Racks should be attached to the front of the shelves so that barrels point in and can hang off the back of the shelf.

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