KI – Lightline Architectural Wall

Lightline is a pre-assembled, unitized glass wall system dedicated to the enhancement of light. Its seamless connections maximize natural light for brighter, more efficient spaces while providing visual unification between architecture and furniture. Unlimited butt-glazing lets you design spaces with no visual breaks, because Lightline doesn’t require vertical posts. And its thinner, smaller rectilinear profiles go practically unnoticed.
Lightline architectural wall features pre-assembled construction with ½”-thick glass, seamless glass joints, passive top and bottom channels, and beautifully designed hardware, including full-height sliding glass door mechanisms. The thicker glass provides superior rigidity and sound attenuation. Glass edges are flat polished and chamfered to a precise angle, forming a virtually seamless fit when combined with the dry joint.
Versatile and adaptable, Lightline architectural wall easily integrates with permanent construction, existing architecture and KI’s Genius architectural wall. Lightline is the only fully unitized storefront solution that can be easily moved and reconfigured without waste and with minimal labor. Numerous design options and features include:
  • Ceiling heights to 120″ and widths to 48″
  • ½”-thick glass and factory assembled butt-glazing
  • Panel thickness of only 2.25″ at the base
  • Sleek visuals with as low as 2.5″-tall rectilinear profiles at the base
  • Maximum flexibility and reusability with a large range of adjustment to both base and ceiling areas
  • Versatile door offerings include sliding or hinged
  • Glass corners or 3-way connections included as standard options
  • 10-year warranty

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