Enterprise Honolulu Corporate Offices

Systemcenter Project # 10282

The Systemcenter recently completed installation of the furniture and walls for the new Enterprise corporate offices in downtown Honolulu. The project is a showcase for the Haworth product lines. The project represents the largest tenant improvement project of 2015, featuring over 21,000+ square feet of office space. The space will serve as Enterprise’s flagship office in the Hawaii region. Enterprise has standardized with Haworth for their furniture needs throughout the country.

This project represents Enterprise’s first major installation of Haworth’s Enclose frameless glass walls, as well as the first major installation of this product in the Hawaiian islands. Using this type of wall system provides many advantages over standard drywall construction. These benefits include ease and speed of installation, the flexibility and ability to modify and re-purpose the space, and the ability to depreciate the walls immediately since they are categorized as furniture as opposed to built in construction, not to mention the sheer aesthetic beauty and high functionality of the product.

Also featured on the project was several of Haworth’s other product lines including (and pictured here):

  • Haworth Enclose Frameless Glass Walls
  • Haworth Compose Workstations
  • Haworth Zody Task Chairs
  • Haworth Very Side Chairs
  • Haworth Candor Guest Chairs
  • Haworth X-Series Storage
  • Haworth 450 Flip Top Tables
  • Haworth Planes Conference Tables
  • Haworth Planes Credenzas
  • Haworth customized private office furniture showcasing the incredibly functionality of Haworth’s Integrated Palette philosophy and kit of parts

The Systemcenter worked closely with the general contractor on the project (J Kadowaki Inc.), as well as Architects Hawaii Ltd., and project managers JLL.