HAWORTH – Upside Height Adjustable Benching

HAWORTH – Collaborate Accessories

HAWORTH – Collaborate Team Cart

HAWORTH – Collaborate Board Cart

HAWORTH – Compose Echo

The Compose Echo height-adjustable table gives people unparalleled control over their workspace. Easy movements accommodate impromptu changes in workstyle, orientation, and position, while providing support for both individual and collaborative activities throughout the day.

K.I. – C-Table Personal Worksurfaces

Created with unique functionality and designer choice in mind, C-Table personal worksurfaces are available in a range of top sizes and shapes, base heights and finish options.

K.I. – Universal Height-Adjustable Screens

Universal Screens can be adjusted to give the user privacy or modesty, depending on their needs at the moment.

HAWORTH – Compose Workspaces

Compose provides global cohesiveness, as well as the adaptable functionality needed for ever-changing workstyles and environments.


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HAWORTH – Openest Corner Booth