Spacesaver – Nantucket Drawers and Trays

Take full advantage of your vertical space by pairing drawers and trays with other accessories.

Spacesaver – GROW Vertical Mobile Shelving

Our anti-tip rail technology, welded uprights, and safety locks help create the safest and most ergonomic indoor grow rooms.

SPACESAVER – High Density Mobile Storage

SPACESAVER – ActivRAC Heavy Duty Mobile Shelving

While heavy-duty mobilized pallet racks are ideal for warehouse spaces, they also assist wherever a compact solution for heavy items are needed.

SPACESAVER – Modular Bi-File® Sliding Storage System

Spacesaver Bi-File (two row) and Tri-File (three row) sliding storage systems can maximize file storage capacity, since two rows of filing equipment are placed in nearly the same footprint.

SPACESAVER – Wheelhouse Low-Profile Moving Shelving Systems

SPACESAVER – X-Tend: Off-Site Archival Storage Shelving

Designed specifically for stable off-site storage for storing book trays and archival-boxed records, Spacesaver X-Tend High Bay Shelving systems provide optimal space efficiency, protection and accessibility.

SPACESAVER – Standard High Density Mobile Storage

High-density mobile shelving is a way to store more in less space.

SPACESAVER – Military Parachute Storage

SPACESAVER – EZ Rail Element – Modular Storage Rail