HAWORTH – Beside Storage Pantry

KI – Likha Casegoods

With an inviting mix of options and elegant materials, Likha creates visually compelling spaces that support open plan areas and private offices alike.

SPACESAVER – Rapid Readiness Box

Store it how you ship it! No more building, repairing, and re-packing wooden crates. Use metal transport crates to save time and increase readiness.

KI – Bobbr Undermount Desk Storage

This compact storage solution conveniently raises and lowers with height-adjustable surfaces to keep belongings within reach.

Spacesaver – Nantucket Drawers and Trays

Take full advantage of your vertical space by pairing drawers and trays with other accessories.

Spacesaver – GROW Vertical Mobile Shelving

Our anti-tip rail technology, welded uprights, and safety locks help create the safest and most ergonomic indoor grow rooms.

HAWORTH – Be_Hold Storage

From open shelves and cupboards to private lockers and sliding door cabinets, Be_Hold puts the core functional elements of storage into designer furniture.

SPACESAVER – High Density Mobile Storage

HAWORTH – Compose Storage

Click to learn more about Haworth’s Compose Storage products.

KI – Ruckus Lockers

What’s all the Ruckus?! KI reinvents the classroom yet again. Click to see more.