HAWORTH – 3-Sided Desktop Laminate Screen

A more professional way to gain privacy.

K.I. WiggleRoom Pod

K.I. says go ahead, take that phone call, or have a one-on-one video conference. Because sometimes you
just need a little space.

K.I. – All Terrain Privacy Screens

K.I.’s All Terrain screens can be easily configured to serve as temporary workspace dividers.

K.I. – Tattoo Privacy Screens

Tattoo Privacy Screens from K.I. are the perfect way to enclose your personal workspace.

HAWORTH – Return to Work(place) Product Solutions

These products provide you with solutions that balance the needs of people and space to create a safe and comfortable environment for your employees, while addressing facility requirements and preserving your organizational culture.

HAWORTH – 3 Sided Separation Screens

Haworth now offers the Lightweight Desktop Separation Screen for a safe and sanitary workspace.

HAWORTH COLLECTION – BuzziFalls Standing

Patterns stand up to soften open spaces. Click to find out more about HAWORTH COLLECTION’s BuzziFalls Standing product.


Patterns overhead that soften spaces. Click to find out more about HAWORTH COLLECTION BuzziFalls.


Moveable, foldable desk divider and instant privacy panel that stows away. Click to find out more about HAWORTH COLLECTION’s BuzziDesk FlipFlop.


Divide and hide with a privacy screen. Click to find out more about BuzziDesk.