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Fall 2022 Accessories Update

It’s that time of year again and we’re FALLing for these accessories! For those looking to switch things up, here is a list of our favorite functional accessories to bring new life to your workspace and redesign without breaking the bank or making any major changes.


Available dual posture supports both sitting and the perching posture—between sit-to-stand—making Zody LX the only chairs in North America specifically designed for use with height-adjustable tables.


The Zody II ergonomic desk chair delivers unmatched comfort for more people in more postures. Designed to be the only chair you need for a height-adjustable desk, Zody II offers a dual posture feature to support sitting and the in-between “perch” of sit-to-stand.

HAWORTH – Compose Echo

The Compose Echo height-adjustable table gives people unparalleled control over their workspace. Easy movements accommodate impromptu changes in workstyle, orientation, and position, while providing support for both individual and collaborative activities throughout the day.

4 Inspiring New Home Office Design Themes

We can understand and appreciate how important it is to have a designated home office space that encourages a healthy and productive work experience. But equally important, is how your home office looks and feels from a design perspective.

2022 Design Trends (Commercial & Residential)

It’s safe to say that our interiors, and how we use them, have been transformed tremendously these past few years — (looking at you covid-19.)

With Home and Office spaces being designed to better fit our new needs, many spaces are beginning to look entirely different.