Systemcenter in Pacific Business News: Office Furniture Dealers Issue

Three Questions With…

Stephan Edwards

President and responsible managing employee, The Systemcenter Inc.

By Lucy Tuitupou

Pacific Business News

How is business? Any plans for expansion, new products, etc.?

[Last year saw] a re-bound in business volume and continues to move on a positive trajectory.  This has been driven by several factors.  The marketplace has moved past the uncertainly of the pandemic, supply chains have begun to stabilize to some degree and price or cost certainty has increased.  Systemcenter does have plans for expansion within our Hawaii Commercial and local government markets.  The federal market presents significant demand through the upcoming years with continued and increased investment and development in the Asia Pacific.  Additionally, Systemcenter has opened a new dealership in Anchorage that will serve the state of Alaska.

What demand are you seeing for office furniture right now?

Companies, institutions, and leaders have had time to gain a clearer picture of post pandemic needs.  Additionally, the furniture industry has led and responded to changing needs rapidly.  A few factors include health and safety, remote, hybrid and in office work styles, collaborative spaces, workflow adjustments, employee emotional wellbeing, efficiency, and productivity.  Designing workspaces and ecosystems that meet today’s demands and sensibilities is more important than ever.  Innovative use of traditional furniture and furniture systems have taken a leap forward as companies seek to blend existing and new products into modern planning.  We are also seeing a variety of new products that balance privacy, collaborative space, acoustics, and green space.

What are the most interesting problems your company has dealt with in designing offices? How did you resolve them?

Reconfiguration, meaning how to repurpose current furniture while integrating new products, innovations and workplace needs.  Simply, how to get the most of past and current capital investment while accomplishing new organizational and leadership goals.  Long term Systemcenter clients have an advantage with reconfigurations due to the Haworth “Kit of Parts” and “Integrated Palette”.  Haworth furniture systems have been designed and engineered with your future in mind.  Simply put, prior planning and working with Systemcenter prepares you and your organization for unforeseen yet expected future change.

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