The Systemcenter Brings Luxury Brands Poltrona Frau, Cappellini & Cassina to Hawaii.

In 2014 Haworth announced the acquisition of the Poltrona Frau Group. With the acquisition, the Systemcenter has become the Hawaii dealer for the Poltrona Frau Group. This consists of the brands Poltrona Frau, Cappellini & Cassina. Items from each of the brands are part of the Haworth Collection. The Poltrona Frau Group is one the most sought after luxury furniture brands in the world and has been thus far very exclusive in the U.S.

The story goes back to 1912 with the foundation of Poltrona Frau, followed by the creation of Cassina in 1927, and Cappellini in 1946. The year 2005 saw the creation of the Poltrona Frau Group, the leading international group in the high-end furniture sector that comprises Poltrona Frau, Cassina and Cappellini. In 2014 Poltrona Frau Group was acquired by Haworth Inc., the global leader in the planning and production of flexible and sustainable work environments.

Over the years Poltrona Frau Group has shown its ability to not only interpret, but above all anticipate the evolution of contemporary living. Thanks to the far-sightedness of entrepreneurs and managers who, throughout the years, have understood the importance of being bold, of continuous experiment, and of challenging the rules, the Group is now a point of reference in the high-end furniture market for the most important international designers and architects.