Haworth Cultivate™ Tables Now Available to Order

Cultivate is a shared table that creates a sense of community, encouraging interaction and collaboration with an inviting balance of practicality and visual appeal.

Offered in both seated and standing heights, Cultivate features bases and tops that are specified separately, letting you customize your table for a unique flair. Choose from the full range of standard Haworth laminates, veneers, and paint finishes to create the look you want. Dress it up with the new Ply Edge band, now available to order as well.

Cultivate is dimensionally designed and scaled to support X Series storage on one or both ends. An optional bag hook accessory is available for temporary storage needs. To enhance collaboration, add Workware wireless technology or any existing Haworth power module, including two new options: the Wireless Charging Power Module and the Seamless Enhanced Power Module.

Whether you’re creating a new space from scratch, or simply integrating open, informal, collaborative hubs into an existing floorplate, Cultivate offers more design variety at a lower price point.

See more about Cultivate HERE.