Cabana Lounge and Pip Collaborative Table

Create unique destinations designed for work

Cabana Lounge

Get away without going away

Cabana Lounge is the first sofa system designed to deliver optimal user performance, comfort, and create unique destination spaces in the office environment; enabling effective individual and collaborative work. Its simple, modular statement of line includes thoughtfully integrated worksurfaces, embedded power options, visual privacy, and application flexibility. Its light-scale aesthetic, organic shapes, and mix of materials help you create warm, inviting environments that support the temporary moments of work and connection people need to perform.

Designed by Patricia Urquiola, Cabana Lounge is now orderable for the North American market.

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Pip Collaborative Table

Turn Social Spaces into group workspaces

Pip collaborative table was created to provide a flexible worksurface that’s just the right height for groups to work in the comfort of lounge or booth settings. Like the personal laptop table that shares its spritely name, the Pip collaborative table has an elegant, freestanding design that can be easily moved throughout your space to provide a worksurface whenever and wherever you need one.

Pip collaborative table is now orderable for the North American market.

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