K.I. – Solutions for Dividing Space

It’s evident the pandemic will forever change where and how we work – to what extent remains to be seen. It will also impact our physical work environment. As we prepare to return to work, we need to consider both short-term and long-term furniture solutions that can help pave the way. Our primary goal during this time is to support you with ideas and options that:
Complement your existing space
Support wellness
Can be easily incorporated
Consider your budget

Bringing people together may mean keeping them apart. KI offers several ways to support social distancing within the office, including height-adjustable screens, dividers and panel toppers. Available in a variety of materials, these products can be specified for different uses such as barriers or acoustics without sacrificing aesthetics.

Concerning proximity for personal space and other hot topics click the link below to read the full article with ideas and options for returning to the workplace.

Download the Return to Work Brochure HERE.