K.I. – After Coronavirus, Flexible Shared Spaces Are Paramount

The coronavirus pandemic will force employers and employees to rethink how they use flexible shared spaces. More than ever before, employees will be looking for spaces that are clean, comfortable and adaptable. Here’s how employers can meet their needs.

Strike a Balance with Screens
Screens delineate space among workstations, lounges, café-style areas and more. Employees can move freestanding screens around to create a space that maintains a sense of openness or set them up more tightly together for an extra layer of privacy and protection.

Keep It Mobile
Designed specifically for employees to control when and how they change up their space, our Tattoo Collection is a one-stop shop for creating a flexible workspace. Each element in Tattoo is proportionately scaled to create various configurations — from open to isolated and back again.
Movable walls offer a visually striking way to create a flexible space. At KI, we offer three architectural walls: Evoke, Lightline and Genius. Available in a variety of colors and cleanable materials, they offer endless possibilities for reconfiguring space without a renovation.

Sharing Space Virtually
Employers may also want to ensure that their offices support video conferencing with clients and colleagues who want to limit in-person meetings in the wake of the pandemic. KI’s Backbone Media Platform provides a work surface that employers can equip with a flat-screen television or connect to laptops with integrated power outlets.

A Flexible Future
When we return to the office, employees will value control over their physical work environment more than ever before. By imbuing shared spaces with flexibility, employers can ensure their employees feel safe and comfortable while reconnecting with one another.

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