Haworth Insite – 7 Basics for a Healthier, High-Performing Home Office

Being jolted into working from home has been a shift for some and, well, an all-out-seriously challenging experience for others. Yet, according to the latest research noted in a 2020 Gensler survey, 56% of us still want to work from home at least one day each week.

So, how can you create a home office that supports you and the work you do for a healthier, more comfortable work experience?

Consider your home office space using an approach that’s similar to the way an organization looks at its work environment. In other words, you want to create a workspace that helps you perform your best by supporting all aspects of your well-being: physical, emotional, and cognitive.

Well-being is an interconnected system. Sitting on that hard dining room chair, for example, not only takes a toll on your physical body, but also impacts cognition and emotions—both of which lead to the inability to focus and less than optimal effectiveness.

However, you can create a high-performing, healthier home office—regardless of the space you have available. Here’s a checklist of seven basics that will help:
1. Ergonomic Seating
2. A Desk That Allows Movement
3. A Monitor Arm or Second Monitor
4. The Right Lighting
5. Storage Solution
6. Element to Indicate Privacy/Focus Time
7. Things That Spark Joy

Establishing a healthier home office—and using it to your advantage—can serve your physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being. With all the checklist items in place, remember to also take breaks and move around during your workday—even if you have to schedule lunch each day, walk during a conference call, or exercise at your desk.

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