Haworth – 5 Home Office Design Trends

The 2021 design theme trends emerged as a result of the feelings, emotions, and desires brought on by the isolation felt from the COVID-19 pandemic. At the forefront of it all is the intimate relationship people now have with their home workspace—wherever that may be.
With seemingly unlimited opinions about how to not just survive, but thrive in the work from anywhere environment, the most popular design trends are a reflection of a vast array of perspectives. Words like optimism, escape, simplicity, comfort, and vibrancy capture how the current working climate is making people think—and how they are designing their workspaces.
With more time spent working from home, there is an increased desire to blend the home and office together—and a conscious attempt to create a more balanced and harmonious experience. Whether you have a dedicated room for a home office, or an office nook in an open living space, a little design can go a long way—helping you maintain your focus and productivity while working from home.
Here are 5 inspiring ideas on how to integrate your home and office into a cohesive design that provides comfort, renewal, and hope with materials, finishes, and colors that suit your personal style.

Optimism comes from our desire for hope and happiness for the future. The pandemic has brought about a longing for brightness and cleanliness. People want their homes and spaces to feel uplifting, sanitized, and clutter free. Taking cues from the Pantone colors of the year, an Ultimate Gray can be used to create a foundation of strength and steadiness and pairs well with Illuminating—a shade of yellow that glows with potential and an uplifting charm. In this way, designing with clean white walls, minimal and modern décor with neutral gray tones as a base, and bright yellow accents will help anyone achieve a fresh, clean, and chic home office.

Also known as Granny-chic, there are several reasons why the Grandmillennial style has become popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether spurred by the feeling of nostalgia for an unseen relative or a little extra time on your hands to rummage through the attic in search of vintage décor and accessories, people seem to be turning back the clock to express their style and personality. To this end, mindful buying and a desire for sustainability are additional reasons this trend inspires us. The Grandmillennial design theme is fun, vibrant, and has us feeling warm, cozy, and loved. Look for welcoming wallpaper, retro colors, crochet-style décor, and antique accents to fill any space with old-fashioned sophistication and charm.

Natural Hues
Balancing work with personal and family activities while at home has created an ongoing challenge for many people. Noise, commitments, or interruptions from pets, partners, kids, and other distractions can be difficult to tune out—especially if your work schedule is full of virtual meetings. Using natural textures and colors in a home office will provide a feeling of calm and serenity—what so many people are striving for these days. Whether it is the color of your furniture or the artwork on your walls, you can create a space filled with tranquility to help you focus, find balance, and perform better at home.

Exotic Shores
In the past year, exotic vacations and getaways were replaced with home décor that allows people to escape and dream. It is exciting to know the phrase “places to go and people to see” will soon be a reality once again. But until then, home office elements like tropical plants, rattan, natural weaves, and sun-bleached materials can be used to create a soothing and relaxing experience—which may help boost your mental health and well-being. The Exotic Shores design theme is perfect for creating a Zen-like workplace at home. Feel safe and be happy in a space you can focus in … and just tune out the worries of the world.

Modern Shades
A mix of recent styles from farmhouse and industrial to minimalism and mid-century modern, the Modern Shades design theme offers a simple, thoughtful, clean, and sophisticated atmosphere. Create this look using light or cream-colored paint and texture as the foundation and then add décor that highlights the space with your personality and style. The Modern Shades home office design theme will blend seamlessly with any residential living space. Charcoal metal accents, a warm brick fireplace, and the pleasing effect of wood and velvety textures combine to create a comforting work environment where you can tackle the day with ease. Whether it is a modern piece of artwork, a contemporary desk, or designer light fixtures, each selection says something about your personal taste and style—and may even provide a meaningful conversation starter in that next videoconference.