Haworth Insite – 4 Inspiring New Home Office Design Themes

Now that many of us have been using our ability to work anywhere on a daily basis, we can understand and appreciate how important it is to have a designated home office space that encourages a healthy and productive work experience. But equally important is how your home office looks and feels from a design perspective. The colors, textures, decor, and furniture you choose are all elements that can influence the mood of your space and add to your overall happiness and productivity.

1. Desert Boho
Today, a bohemian (boho) style indicates an eclectic aesthetic that takes its influence from the free-spirited artists of the past. This modern boho-chic look incorporates neutral desert hues with soft, textural, natural elements to create a relaxing and comfortable environment.

2. Industrial Chic
This evolving vintage design trend takes it cues from many of the factories and industrial spaces of the past. It’s all about utilizing unique textures and heavy materials such as metal piping; distressed, exposed brick and concrete; and raw unfinished wood. Colors are neutral and bold with a foundation of black or brown to emphasize and highlight a solid contrast.

3. Modern Farmhouse
This style is known for its warmth and welcoming aesthetic characterized by natural elements of wood and galvanized steel, white porcelain or distressed materials, and vintage, sentimental farmhouse accents. The color palette is neutral, simple, and has a crisp feeling of homemade freshness.

4. Scandinavian Minimalist
Stripped down to the bare minimum, this simplistic style is meant to instill a sense of calm by bringing you back to the essence of bliss. Clean thin lines, natural lighting, bright open space, monochromatic colors, and a modern natural aesthetic will give your room a sense of lightness.