HAWORTH – Resonate Chair

Lounge and side chairs, designed for easy movement, offer variety in seating for meeting settings and waiting areas.

K.I. – MyPlace Lounge Furniture

With a robust variety of shapes, sizes and table options, MyPlace lounge furniture offers a functional space and enables an exceptional range of formations.


With a variety of elements in a range of sizes and shapes, Lyda offers breadth and flexibility in exceptionally comfortable lounge seating.

HAWORTH – Cabana Lounge Island

With comfort and privacy at a premium in public spaces, Island offers an inviting centerpiece where people can interact or restore amidst the bustle of high-traffic areas.

K.I. – Ricochet Wobble Stool

K.I.’s new stool, Ricochet offers 12 degrees of rebounding motion with its convex base, which features a non-slip surface to ensure safety and stability.

HAWORTH – Harbor Work Lounge

Part task seating, part lounge chair, Harbor Work Lounge offers the support people need to be productive, while making a stylish statement wherever work gets done.

Haworth - Fern Chair

HAWORTH – Fern Chair

Get a sneak peak at Haworth’s revolutionary and much anticipated new FERN task chair.

HAWORTH – Zody Task Chair

K.I. – ChangeUp Tablet Arm

K.I.’s newest addition to classroom seating is this tablet arm that is super durable and versatile.

HAWORTH – Very Task Chair