Haworth – Good Light, Happy People

Many of us spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors, so it’s important that our interiors are properly lit. But lighting is often considered later in the design process, even though it’s a primary element of an environment. Accommodating both natural and artificial light is important for well-being in the workplace. The right lighting strategies, along with thoughtful design, can positively impact the intersection of people’s needs—physical, cognitive, emotional—directly affecting their ability to do work, and indirectly affecting business goals.

When people are inspired, they are more creative and generate ideas. When they’re more creative and productive, they’re happier at work.

The way we work and live is constantly changing—we expect more from our work environments than ever before. “I believe that light is a basic necessity for life,” said Pablo Pardo. “It also has a mission to elevate the human experience. For designers, this is the holy grail—designing lighting solutions that make us feel good, that promote well-being, while also allowing us to see our work and to focus.”

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