HAWORTH – New Sustainable Surface Material Offering

Oceanic: Polyester with a Purpose

Making the world better is one of our foundational, company-wide values. Oceanic is a new sustainable upholstery fabric created as a direct response to the global concern over plastic waste and how our industry can help offset this problem. We are proud to welcome Oceanic to our standard textile offering.
Made entirely from upcycled plastic, Oceanic uses discarded marine debris and other post-consumer waste collected through the SEAQUAL Initiative to create a beautiful, sustainable, responsibly sourced fabric—now available on Haworth seating.

The Oceanic Story
Oceanic is a fabric born of the SEAQUAL Initiative whose mission is to fight plastic pollution for cleaner oceans. Through a partnership with textile manufacturer Camira, Oceanic is created entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic—collected from debris floating in the oceans and discarded water bottles destined for landfill. This plastic waste is formed into pellets that are the basis for SEAQUAL yarn.
Oceanic is in direct response to the plastic waste problem and how our industry can help offset this problem.