The optimal filing systems for office and administration

Rationalization – cost-cutting – efficiency: these are demands that modern-day office organization must meet!

Work times slashed
The Rotomat® office carousel from Hanel brings the required files to the retrieval point in just a few seconds.

Up to 60% more storage capacity
The Rotomat® office carousel from Hanel makes use of the available room height, so its compact design creates up to 60 % more filing capacity. This means expensive office space is used more efficiently.

This saves costs!

No more bending, ladder-climbing or walking long distances to search for and archive records. The required files are brought automatically to the optimum ergonomic retrieval height.

We are committed to environmental protection
It goes without saying that production at Hanel’s three plants meets the latest environmental guidelines. Only environmentally friendly, recyclable materials are used.

With the intelligent energy management feature Hanel EcoMode®, the Hanel office carousels can be switched to different standby modes. This allows energy consumption to be reduced to a minimum.

Hanel’s specialists will continue to work on the Hanel EcoConcept and develop further energy-efficient solutions for the Hanel office and industrial storage systems.

An excellent decision
If you want to improve your office organization and reduce costs, you should talk to the specialists at the Systemcenter first. Together we can develop your own ‘tailor-made organization concept’.