HAWORTH – Openest Collection


People at work have become more mobile – moving freely throughout the day, no longer tethered to a designated space. And, the ratio of individual to group workspaces has shifted to support collaboration. Openest is an ensemble of lounge furniture and private workspaces that responds to this ever-evolving nature of work by facilitating the new landscape of today’s work environments.

Openest bridges the concepts of experience and environment, giving rise to warm, inviting spaces to gather, share ideas, focus on a task or simply relax. Brought to life by Patricia Uquiola and Haworth, at the core of the Openest collection are unexpected yet familiar furnishings that see the tone for thoughtful connection and contemplation.

Designed for Haworth by Patricia Urquiola

Guided by the desire to make people feel grounded and at home while at work, Openest elements share a soft look and feel that draw people in. Upon closer inspection, rich textiles and finish details add a sense of custom tailoring and find craftsmanship.