Spacesaver SharkCage Mobile Storage

SharkCage solutions represent a systems approach to supplies and equipment mobilization where security, flexibility and readiness are paramount.

The SharkCage family of products provide a seamless transition between storage, transportation and operations making them the ideal solution for contingency operations and rapid deployment where readiness and accessibility is key. SharkCage technology radically improves operational efficiency, personnel safety and material security, all while utilizing existing military infrastructure. SharkCage products employ high-strength steel and galvanization for maximum durability and corrosion resistance. These rock solid storage solutions are designed to provide many years of reliable service and extensive use int he field has proven their exceptional quality time and time again.


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DAC Ammunition Certification

Container Warehouse II

On ActivRac

For SAPI Plates

Maintenance Kit

Wheel Storage and Transport (WST) II

Wheel Storage and Transport (WST) Promo

Tactical Locker

HAZMAT Product Demo