KI – Affina Glider

The Affina Collection brings to life the finer points of line and movement, function and sophistication. Designed by Dan Cramer and Paul James, Affina reflects an aesthetic that speaks to all environments by articulating a timeless vision.

Bridging visual continuity from the lobby and waiting room into the patient room, the Affina glider blends dynamic motion with therapeutic comfort. Whether it’s exercise by gently rocking or the benefits of enhanced circulation, the Affina glider offers soothing motion to support recovery.

Choose from wood or poly arm caps in various finishes. Add creative distinction to Affina gliders with contrasting fabrics from a variety of high-performance textiles, including Pallas® Textiles, KI ingrades, or COM.

Affina is offered with a standard lifetime warranty to ensure years of use.

Among the industry’s most comprehensive healthcare lounge collections, the Affina Collection also includes lounge seating, guest seating, multiple seating, occasional tables, recliners, patient seating, and sleepover seating.

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