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The nature of work is changing at an exceedingly fast pace, producing new business challenges that affect where and how people work. Technology continues to enable mobility among the workforce, supporting a range of activities throughout the day. Organizations are recognizing the power of blending corporate culture and brand. And they are constantly pressured to do more with less space. Suite casegoods offers a breadth of capabilities that solves these issues and enables business success.

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Leaders set the bar

When leaders are champions for driving culture and brand evolution, their spaces should reflect these demands for an elevated aesthetic. Suite’s visual range – from restrained to expressive – offers design freedom to create custom spaces that reflect unique preferences. Handcrafted components, such as less formal organic shapes, help create inviting spaces. A wide array of finish options and tactile materials add color, texture, and warmth to the space. Carefully hand selected veneer of the highest quality ensures consistency.

Workstyles are changing

Organizations require workspace solutions that foster collaboration, integrate technology, and complement unique workstyles. Suite’s reveal/conceal components transition smoothly from individual to group activities. Easy access to power and technology tools creates a seamless user experience. Height-adjustable components support ergonomic needs, and personal storage credenzas keep items secure when the primary occupant is away.

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Real estate is at a premium

Organizations pressured to do more with less space seek to maximize their real estate investments. This requires smart, multi-use, and agile products that improve efficiency while supporting the diverse ways people work. Suite creates a range of workspaces – from an individual user, to team collaboration, to shared space. The work wall and shallow depth storage components make the most of the available footprint, including vertical space, to optimize real estate.

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