HAWORTH – Openest Collection

By Patricia Urquiola

Openest bridges the concepts of experience and environment, giving rise to warm, inviting spaces to gather, share ideas or simply relax. Brought to life by Patricia Urquiola and Haworth, at the core of the Openest Collection are unexpected yet familiar lounge furnishings that set the tone for thoughtful connection and contemplation.

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Openest 001

Openest 002
Designed for Haworth by Patricia Urquiola

Guided by the desire to make people feel grounded and at home while at work, Openest elements share a soft look and feel that draw people in. Upon closer inspection, rich textiles and finish details add a sense of custom tailoring and find craftsmanship.

Feather | Chick | Plume | Sprig

Each Openest piece stands beautifully on its own, while the collection comes together to create fresh, stimulating environments that provide engagin spaces to meet your business needs.

Always approachable and inherently comfortable, Openest provides a welcome change of scenery – perfect for creative collaboration or a quiet moment alone.

Openest 003
About Patricia Urquiola

When Haworth sought a design partner to help bring our vision for the future of active, informal environments to life, we knew it could only be Patricia Urquiola. Born and educated in Spain and headquartered in Italy, Patricia is a true visionary – her unconventional yet welcoming buildings, furniture and objects for the home have won awards and admirers the world over. In Openest, Patricia balances her experimental, spirited style with real-world warmth and usability to create spaces that feel familiar, yet wholly unexpected.

Openest Patricia Urquiola

HAWORTH Openest – Feather Sofa


HAWORTH Openest – Chick Pouf


HAWORTH Openest – Plume Screen


HAWORTH Openest – Sprig Table