Schofield Barracks – Aloha Center



In 2017, the Systemcenter, Inc. completed installation of furniture and equipment at the Aloha Center, located at Schofield Barracks on Oahu. The Systemcenter was selected by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to install furniture and equipment on all 3 floors of the Aloha Center building. The Systemcenter used Haworth furniture to furnish the administrative areas with workstations, educational areas, lounge areas, reception areas, and storage areas.

HAWORTH Enclose Walls Job for Government Agency

Hawaii Government Agency – Haworth Enclose Walls

Systemcenter Project # 6551

Product: Haworth Enclose Modular Walls

Haworth Enclose walls were used to give the customer a sustainable space and provide them with the flexibility to change as their needs changed. A quick turnaround timeframe was also important and because the walls are delivered fully assemble the Systemcenter was able to install the project within a week, including the power and outlets. Click here to see a time-lapse video of another walls installation the Systemcenter recently completed.

Camp Smith

Camp Smith

Systemcenter Project # 12448 / 14574

The Systemcenter provided a Haworth walls solution and a Spacesaver high density mobile storage system for Camp Smith, Hawaii. Haworth Enclose Walls were designed to create private offices and a server room. The Marines required private offices to conduct confidential tasks. Haworth Enclose Walls were the ideal solution because they take very little time to install and provide the necessary visual and acoustic privacy.

Base Supply needed additional space to store supplies used for the entire base. The Spacesaver Mechanical Assist mobile storage system that was installed more than doubled their existing storage space and provided the Marines with a secure location to store valuable / expensive supplies.

Fort Shafter Command & Control Center


Fort Shafter – Command & Control Center

Systemcenter Project # 4718

The Systemcenter was awarded the contract to install the new Fort Shafter Command and Control Center Phase One FF&E. Featured products include Haworth raised access flooring (TecCrete) and KI fixed seating. Ft Shafter opted to use and take advantage of the incredible versatility provided by Haworth’s TecCrete raised access flooring. The raised access flooring was installed to provide 5 tiers of risers for KI’s fixed seating. The TecCrete flooring allows the original slab to remain in place allowing for potential future re-purposing of the space. The flooring also allows all power and data to be run through the floor, as well as providing a plenum for HVAC.



Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA)

Systemcenter Project # 5614

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) relocated their corporate offices to the Gentry Pacific Design Center (renamed “Na Lama Kukui”).  The Systemcenter, Inc. was awarded the project to design, supply, and install all of the office furniture.  Spaces were designed to be more contemporary and modern while honoring the history and heritage of the esteemed organization.  Emphasis was on collaborative work spaces resulting in a more harmonious and productive work environment.  The Systemcenter worked closely with all the other trades to meet a very challenging deadline.  The end result has become a showpiece for the organization.